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Revenue generating solutions for Hospitality Revenue generating solutions for Hospitality

Online Channels of Distribution

  • Adria Camps
  • Adria Databanka
  • Adriatic Holidays
  • Adrialin
  • Agoda
  • Alesia Spa
  • Allcamps
  • Atlas travel
  • BTravel
  • Bookcampsite
  • Calvados Club
  • Campoala
  • Expedia
  • Google HPA
  • GTA
  • HotelBeds
  • Hotels4U
  • Hotusa
  • HRS
  • KeyTel
  • Lemaj
  • Lucky Travel
  • Megabon
  • Metglobal
  • Mount Vacation
  • Olivari
  • Orbitz
  • Ostrovok
  • Pegasus
  • Plura Travel
  • Prestigia
  • Reconline
  • Relax
  • Restel
  • Sonchek
  • Splendia
  • Sunhotels
  • Thomas Cook / Neckermann
  • Travelport
  • Travelrepublic
  • Travel Tourist
  • Trip Advisor
  • Trivago
  • Trust
  • Uniline
  • Visitdubrovnik
  • WIHP
  • iCal:
  • Airbnb
  • Apartments Unlimited
  • Arbitel
  • Flipkey
  • HolidayLettings
  • HomeAway


IT Support

Support and Consulting for Sales and Marketing Offices

Partnership in continuous development

 Official Websites



PMS: Reservation download into Property Management System

IDeaS: Revenue Management System

 Marketing and Analytics

Google Travel Ads

Google Analytics

Trip Connect

Premium partner

 Performance Tracking

Charts and Graphs

Exportable Data


 Managing rates and availability

for corporate partners and agencies.

Reservation Application

 Personalized email offers

 Request Form integration

Excursions and Events

Real time booking engine & channel manager for:

  1. Tickets, excursions, transfers, events, guided tours, etc.
  2. Solution for organizers & distributors

 Easily integrates on your existing website

 Integrate multiple booking engines for more conversions

 Supports all types of accommodation

 Mobile and Desktop versions

 Flexible accommodation inventory managment

 Google analytics for marketing and campaign tracking

 Multiple languages and currencies

 Yielding tools

Booking Process Preview

  1. Build your own B2B network

    by generating access codes for partners to check availability and make reservations in real time.

  2. Flexible management of inventory:

    assign separate inventory to each individual partner, or mutual/base inventory to more than one partner.

  3. Flexible management of rates:

    assign exclusive rates for each individual partner, or mutual rates for more than one partner.

  4. Distribution through your partner's website

    presenting your offer directly to your partner agencies website visitors.

    All reservations generated from each website are visible to you and to agency.

  5. Provide partners with a customised agency application

    used by your partner's reservation agents.

  6. Track

    B2B reservation origins and statistics.


  1. Central Managment System:

    manage your inventory for official websites and B2B partners,

    reservation applications and online agencies from one single control point.

  2. Possibility of sharing common/base inventory through numerous channels

    removes inventory restrictions and saves time.

  3. Easy management of rate parity

    among all channels.

  4. Build your channel managment network.

    We'll share our API with all online channels that are unique to you.

  5. Use bookable banners

    to turn third party websites into channels of sale.

Connectivity partners


Optimized for call centers and reservation offices.

 Send multilingual personalized offers in just a few clicks

 Confirm reservations while on call with a guest.

 The fastest way to answer email inquiries.

 Track your offers and their success rates.

 Flexibility to negotiate rates

Rez App

 Answer inquiries with personalized offers, in just a few clicks

 Send multiple offers, including multiple properties and/or for multiple periods.

 Direct links to online reservations.

 Guest is able to modify offers within the rate and availability restrictions.

 Significant improvements in speed of handling email inquiries.

Mail Offer

Designed and developed to allow properties to change rates according to demand.

Allows one click rate changes simultaneously
updating all points of sale:

  1.  Official web page

  2.  All OTAs in channel manager

  3.  Google HPA, Facebook and Trip Advisor instant booking

  4.  B2B segment

  5.  Reservation application

  6.  Bookable banners

  7.  GDS

Yield Manager

Real time booking engine & channel manager for online sale of:

  1.  Tickets

  2.  Excursions

  3.  Transfers

  4.  Events

  5.  Guided tours...

Excursions IBE
Trip Connect

Trip Advisor Instant Booking

PHOBS is a Trip Advisor Premium Partner.

No business listing necessary in order to advertise on Trip Advisor.

Trip Advisor charges for web marketing only in percentage of revenue generated.

Trip Advisor Instant Booking allows displaying official website rates directly on Trip Advisor.

Trip Advisor

Facebook Booking Engine

Allow guests to search offers & book through Facebook.

Track Facebook reservation statistics and analytics.

No additonal set up or management of availability and offers.

No additional usage fees.

Facebook Booking

The Google-PHOBS partnership opens up new advertising opportunities: Google Hotel Ads.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Display your official website rates on Google organic search & Google maps.

  • Commission model: Google charges only for realised reservations.

  • Ability to focus advertising on particular country or particular device users.

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Continuous development of new services based on client feedback and emerging technologies.

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 Sales Planning

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