We help hotels boost direct reservations

You can count on Phobs on every step of the way. We create IT solutions, teach how to make best of them, and suggest further improvements to increase revenue.


Phobs Team

We are a team of dedicated and passionate professionals, who understand what is needed to help you build a successful hotel business. Our real-time reservation software for online booking has the ability to accept online reservations for hotels, campsites and apartments, manage inventory, and control electronic distribution channels from one single point.


We are looking for affiliates

If you have a network of contacts in the hotel sector and wish to join our team get in touch with us. The Travel technology sector is booming and it’s time to bet on it. We are in search for companies and professionals who are willing to market our products. We offer revenue share models and all the support and training to develop the project and, above all, important growth expectations.


All requests are handled on the spot or within a couple of hours. In case of a problem during night or on holiday your problem will be resolved by the duty team - it is enough to pick up the phone.


Our online revenue consultants will help you choose and apply the best strategies for Your property so you can achieve your goal and maximize direct reservations.


Whether you are a developer, a salesperson, a marketing specialist or a professional of similar field, contact us. If you are interested in becoming part of the Phobs team, visit Careers page