PHOBS B2B Solutions

B2B Made Easy

Selling a room to your partner or agency has never been easier with our B2B Module. You can set permanent discounts and special offers for your loyal customers, partners or agencies.

All you need to do is to create an access code for partners to check availability and make reservations in real time through your website.

  • Flexible inventory management
  • Track performance
  • Distribution through your partner's website
  • More reservations
  • Less phone calls and emails
  • Customer group specific discount
  • Unlimited clients

Loyalty Program

In order to make your guests be loyal to your booking channel, you should first convince them that you are loyal to them. Offer your repeating guests the best rates in comparison to any other channel and highlight the value that you are offering them.

Allow your guests access to special pages on your website, where they can track their reservations and explore the special deals that you provide specifically to them. Phobs fully supports creating and managing customizable loyalty program designed to help you boost your hotel’s repeat business.

Powerful and Scalable

PHOBS B2B module allows smaller retail agencies to work alongside large tour operators while using dynamic rates and either free sale or dedicated availability. Save time spent on answering agency inquiries by letting them have a direct access to prices and availability customly tailored for those agencies.