Channel Manager

Your reach, expanded

PHOBS Channel Manager allows easy management of rates and availability across all the most attractive online travel agencies.

Cross channel rate linking possibilities ensure that You have absolute control of prices showing online wherever Your guests are shopping. Single point availability control allows our customers to easily control the volume of rooms available and reach a higher net price while simultaneously making accidental overbookings impossible.

  • Quick stop sale and auto-updates
  • Cross channel price management
  • Integration with PMS and Hotel Booking Engine
  • All reservation information up to date
  • Don't miss any sales opportunities
Channel Manager

Other than the standard OTAs, Phobs channel manager also connects the availability and prices from other Phobs modules such as B2B, RezApp or the Hotel Booking Engine making it the ultimate all-around solution for price and availability management. Whenever a booking or a cancellation happens on any online portal, it sends the information to the user and at the same time updates the new inventory to all connected online travel portals and official website.

Have all your reservations in one place sorted by origin and transferred into your property management system automatically.

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